Sunday 28 February 2021

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Taken: February 28, 2021, at 7:30 PM Executives in Attendance: President Kallen Tu, Vice-President Gordon Le, Assistant Vice-President Nakul Vijhani, Treasurer Neil Parikh, Sysadmin Max.

President Kallen Tu addresses the meeting by explaining the different roles everybody had in our club. Then Kallen talked about the events which were to be hosted soon one of them was Afterhours. She discussed the rehearsals and the speakers that were attending the event.

Vice-President Gordon explained the advertising part for two events (CSC and Chill, Afterhours). He gave suggestions about the type of posts that will be there for these two events. Overall, he handled the marketing part for these events.

Annie Xu explained the design of the website. Also talked about the survey that could help in getting people’s responses.

Karen went forward explaining the graphics for the posts. She discussed all the graphics which were ready to be posted.

Steven went on explaining the Front-End of the website.

The meeting lasted for 28 minutes. The President moves to close the meeting and the Vice-President seconds the motion. The motion to close the meeting is ratified by the majority of those in attendance.