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See also: Term Notes/F2008 and Term Notes/S2009

Reminders for Veep

  1. MEF Has given us $600 to purchase a digital cutter and adobe illustrator. These need to be purchased, and billed to MEF.

Done. Cutter documented at Digital Cutter.

  1. Joel Spolsky is coming on Jan 22. His hotel has been arranged by ebering. A room needs to be booked. Funding is from MEF.

Joel came, we had a good time, monies were changed about and the talk was recorded. He's a nice guy, fills a room.

  1. We have funding to bring Michael Geist, however we need to finish tagging up with him.

Geist backed out.

  1. RMS is coming on Jan 29. His accommodations are likely to be handled by someone in Toronto, but if they back out we'll need to find a place for him. HH Theatre has been booked tentatively, pending conformation with RMS for changing the talk time. If he doesn't agree we need to book AL. All of it.

This was madness. But it happened and is done.

  1. Craig Kaplan has agreed to give us a series of lectures on NPR and computer generated abstract geometry, using our shiny new digital cutter. Be sure we work with him to run these.

This ended up as one talk which was successful and recorded. See Talks for future collaboration ideas.

  1. The IQC really wants to give us talks, they like us. Make sure they're spoken to, mgregson has sent out the preliminary invitation.

These happened as talks and lab tours and a potential future arrangement.

  1. Unix tutorials are currently available on the page given in the F2008 term notes, if ebering moves them yell at him. Also, try and expand on the body of knowledge, a unix 103 and 104 would be nice.

Didn't get expanded, but were held.

  1. /users/exec/veep/* has more things of use/interest including publicity tools and specific templates for putting together events.

It actually doesn't. I (Ebering) should get on fixing that...

Reminders for Librarian

  1. The books were scanned in, cataloged, categorized, and shelved in an orderly fashion. See Library project for the current status.
  2. There is a large deficiency between the library, modern reference, and the current curriculum, perhaps a MEF proposal to correct this.