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See also: Term Notes/F2009 and Term Notes/S2010

Prez Notes

  • bought new fridge and registered it with manufacturer (in name of Lord Calum Dalek, exec@csclub)
  • with CIF money ordered 2 new office chairs and a new desk (a-f, thin-client, and O2)
  • Power Outage on the 24,25 we had some experience booting our core servers
  • floor waxing on the 26th, machines and desks were dusted off
  • Google-sponsored programming contest was a big hit, thanks to j3camero for that

Things to do in Future Terms

  • Keys are now arranged through SCS, rather than MathSoc (except for Prez MathSock key)
  • Keep up the new Office Staff method and policy
  • We were given MEF funding for new disks for the mirror. Profs want us to mirror Fedora. Talk to Dave Gawley of CSCF who is supplying partial funding.
  • Monthly Meeting with MWG: good for discussion things like funding
  • CS Exec Meeting, UAC Meeting, we need to send reps to these every term
  • Need to make us a Student Chapter of the ACM again, need student members...
  • "CS10" lecture series that we had (mostly) in DC1304 was very successful, we need to keep up the momentum with these
  • Still need to ask PlantOps-maintenance people for: new shelves (CIF funding), coathooks in the walls

Veep Notes

  • Gerald Sussman is coming May 24,25. Jacob Parker is the point of contact and primary organizer on progcom, with Edgar Bering helping out.
  • Edgar Bering is trying to get in touch with John H. Conway for a talk/panel, he will keep you posted on the efforts, and may come asking for money to support it.
  • DC1304 is booked for the Tuesday slot we had for CS10, they were very successful, with both prof and member talks. I suggest that as soon as you are elected you put out

a call for member talks (and put one with a deadline) and get together a shortlist of professors you would like to hear from.

  • Edgar Bering has a cocktail of publicity scripts. They will be in a git repo in /users/exec/veep/ and handle a large portion of advertising an event, considering their spammy nature I'm not sure placing them in a public git repo is a good idea, feel free to contradict my judgment.
  • Open Shot is installed on Natural Flavours and is a very nice program for video editing. There is a /video directory there for storing high quality masters.
  • There are also nice logo templates for making title cards. A wiki article might go up on video mastering for talks.
  • Brennan Taylor has created a bunch of talk encoding scripts that are in the CSC git repo.
  • We still owe John Watrous dinner. Edgar Bering will try to make this happen, it goes on last terms budget and I believe we are still able to claim it. Double check with MathSoc and re-budget if necessary.
  • A CSC Frisbee team might be cool, MathSoc has funding for such things.
  • Code Parties are always good fun, and you can find one person to do most of the organization for them.
  • The membership has spoken: Last term we ran a talk a week, and they were almost always very well attended, so try to keep that pace.
  • Coffee and Doughnuts can be ordered from the CnD for about $30 for a talks worth, they come on a cart and everything.
  • There is probably more that can go here that I don't recall at this time. Feel free to ask me (Edgar Bering) any other questions you may have about the job.

Others' Notes