Termcom/Saturday 26 March 2022

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Termcom/Saturday 5 March 2022 | Termcom/Saturday 2 April 2022

Termcom members in attendance

r389li, a268wang, d9hui, dzlin, j2767wan, jy36li (👋), y266shen

Tasks completed last few weeks

  • dzlin fixed sorbitol again, hopefully for good
  • j2767wan, dzlin, s7raviku and r345liu gave their Unix 101 talks
  • r389li replaced xylitol's failed disk and pulled Guayusa to the office to fix it
  • s7raviku upgraded coffee to Bullseye

Tasks for the week

  • a268wang and d278liu will continue working on Merlin and migrate the prometheus VM to the k8s cluster
  • j2767wan will look into setting up NextCloud
  • r4tandon will continue looking into how to make the Visual Editor on this Wiki work
  • y266shen will fix the last failing project (Apache IIRC) in mirror-checker
  • r389li will convert the Ceph mount on Machine List#Cloud Cloud machines to a systemd.mount so NGINX won't try to start (and fail) before its FS is mounted
  • r389li will also upload the Unix 101 recording and update https://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/~termcom/unix101
  • s7raviku will upgrade Postgres on coffee, ensuring data is migrated to the new database

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