Tuesday 16 September 2008

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Minutes of the First Meeting of The Computer Science of the University of Waterloo

Taken : September 16, 2008 at 5:30 PM

Executives In Attendance: President Matt Lawrence (m3lawren) Vice President Edgar Bering (ebering) Treasurer Michael Gregson (mgregson) Secretary James Simpson (j2simpso)

President raises the issue of appointed positions, and discussion follows between members and executive:

Librarian - Secretary nominates Nick Guenther (nguenthe) to position. Nick Guenther seems somewhat interested. Dominik Chlobowski (dchlobow) expresses some interest in the position. Several members point out that a new member Sapphire, appears to be extremely interested and knowledgeable in the area of library administration, and the executive decide to defer this issue to the next meeting, so that an opportunity can be taken to further consider this possibility.

System Administrator (sysadmin) - Discussion begins with the possibility of Erik Louie (elouie) becoming the sysadmin for this term. However the member did not appear to be around at the time and several members noted that he may not be interested in fulfilling such a position. The President nominates Kyle Spaans (kspaans) as sysadmin, the Vice President seconds this motion. The motion is brought to the membership of the Computer Science Club, and the motion is successfully ratified by a majority of those present.

Individual Making Arrangements for Pop Delivery (imapd) - A question is posed by the President regarding who attending the meeting has a means for making the pop delivery (i.e. they have a car). Michael Spang mentions that he has a car and would be willing to make pop deliveries. The secretary also notes that he also has a car available for such use and would be willing to assist in the procurement of pop. Michael yields the responsibility to the secretary. The President raises a motion for James Simpson (j2simpso) to be appointed to the position of imapd, and Nathaniel Sherry (nsasherr) seconds the motion. The motion is ratified by majority vote of membership.

The President raises a motion to have executive meetings every other Thursday at 4:30 PM effective immediately, with the next meeting set to Thursday October 2nd, 2008. Member Dominik Chlobowski (dchlobow), expresses concern regarding proposed timing of the meeting and proposes the meeting be held at 5:30 PM instead. Members and executive disagree with the suggestion and decide to consider the original motion as it stands. Member Kevin Farnworth (kfarnwor), seconds the original motion. The motion is brought to a vote of members and executives of the club and is ratified by the majority of those in attendance.

The Vice-President discusses the program committee and its role in being responsible for organizing events held by the club. He mentions that those interested in volunteering should stay after the executive meeting, as there will be a program committee meeting commencing thereafter.

Club member Holden Karau (hkarau), raises the issue of appointing a web master for this term. However, after discussion amongst members and executive it was decided to defer this decision until the next executive meeting.

The secretary brings forward a motion to allow electronic recording devices (such as audio recorders) to record the minutes of future executive meetings to allow for a more accurate transcript of the minutes. The Treasurer raises possible privacy concerns regarding the retention of such information, as well as off the record items being recorded. The President decides to amend the motion to add a provision that the audio records are to be immediately destroyed after the minutes of the meeting are transcribed. The Treasurer seconds the original motion with suggested amendments. The motion is ratified by the majority of the members.

The President moves to close the meeting and the Vice-President seconds the motion. The motion to close the meeting is ratified by the majority of those in attendance.

End of Minutes of Meeting