Office Policies

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The following are the day-to-day policies for running the CSC Office. They are set down by the Office Manager or, should there not be a current Office Manager, by the Secretary.


  1. No sleeping in the office.
  2. No playing games in the office unless for the purpose of an assignment or if you are writing one.
  3. No sex in the office.
  4. The office is not your locker; don't leave things here.
  5. The office is not your pantry; don't leave food here, especially if it contains common allergens.
  6. Clean up your rubbish.
  7. The stapler may be used only inside the office.
  8. The office phone is primarily for club business. You may use it for emergencies and brief calls, but do not use it excessively or to conduct business.

Office Staff Guidelines

The office staff should try to keep up on these tasks

  1. Restock the fridge frequently
  2. Pick up refuse around the office
  3. Re-shelve books into their proper places
  4. Sweep when one closes the office