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See also: Term Notes/S2009 and Term Notes/W2010

Veep Notes


Details on pending talk activities can be found on the progcom mailing list.

Confirmed invitations from:

  • Geoff Hinton - ebering is heading up this, Jan26, SCS funding secured.
  • Paul Lutus - jmsaunde is heading up this, Jan18 tentative, funding unknown, many details to be worked out asap. Talk will be done via videoconference
  • Gerald Sussman - j3parker is heading up this, May-June tentative, funding partly form SCS, should submit MEF proposal as well, multiple talks.

Invitation from Conway has heard nothing :(

No new invitations sent out, should do this some time in January to fill program for the rest of spring and into next fall. Ideas include the original ENIAC programmers, if they're still able.

Prabhakar and Kaplan might also be willing to give talks, they make usual goto guys from the faculty. Other faculty talks (Kate Larson?) should be explored.


j3camero ran a successful Google sponsored contest in the Fall, we had a large participation and whatnot. It was not all peaches and roses, there were lapses in implementation (not enough documentation, not well tested starter packages, engine bugs). These can be hammered out by getting more people to work on the contest, a contest committee mailing list was created for this purpose. ebering has a large amount of software for a contest, but the 90%-90% rule is coming into effect on it, much more work will be needed to get it operable. Recruiting for this task might happen over the first week of the term, but the key to a good contest is an early start on preparation.


The street team was a modest success, needs to be better co-ordinated. The creation of the csc-general mailing list was super effective for publicizing things, continue to use it. ebering has some scripts to aid with publicity, they still need work to be usable by anyone not him.